Featured Wrap Artist: Dana Kearley

Featured Wrap Artist: Dana Kearley

The busy, buzzing garden featured on Anchovie's first featured gift wrap was created by Canadian artist, Dana Kearley. 

From the worms in the ground to the plump clouds in the sky, Dana's world is full of unhurried love and perfectly ripe apples. A soft, chalky blur sits over the entire piece, giving a texture of vintage printing or cartoons on VHS.

"I wanted to create something that was happy, positive and bright. I wanted a playful colour palette, so I chose the colours of the rainbow, which also represents the beauty of difference, love and community."

Dana's work is typically characterised by this same contagious optimism through which the artist explores "the complexities and nuances of living in a sick and disabled body". Teddy bears and flowers walk through sunny landscapes with canes, or in wheelchairs, while butterflies, worms and snails travel at a contented, slow pace. 

Dana's gift wrap is also accompanied by a sticker that will feature on all our shipping boxes.

"The sticker I created is featured within the artwork. The little figure popping out of the ground is my favourite part of the piece, inspired by my childhood curiosity of bugs and how I’d watch them crawl in the garden."

Add gift wrapping to your cart and your order will come wrapped in Dana's work. 100% of the gift wrapping charge is donated to the UMFC Kids In Trust initiative.

See more of Dana's work on her website and Instagram.