Supporting the arts and its community

Supporting the arts and its community

Anchovie is inspired by the courage, boldness, curiosity and optimism through which children engage with learning, growing and play. This inspiration stretches beyond our collection of kids clothing, and into how we wish to engage with our community.


Anchovie actively supports the arts and its community to develop and present work, and provide opportunities for the next generation of artists. We invite individuals, charities and organisations to get in touch about how we can assist their programs via donations and sponsorships.

In 2022, we are supporting:

    • Pay The Rent
      Anchovie pays a percentage of monthly revenue to this grassroots-to-grassroots initiative. Funds go directly to causes and campaigns with a focus on protecting First Nations rights.

    • Kids in Trust
      Anchovie donates 100% of gift wrapping fees to Kids in Trust, a fund created by Upper Murray Family Care to provide educational, social, recreational and cultural opportunities for children who have limited access to opportunities due to social or financial circumstances. 

      Details of contributions made will be recorded here quarterly. The next update is 18th October 2022.